What You Need to Know About Changes in Shipment Tracking Technology

Track your fleet
Track your fleet

As the business world continues to demand a faster flow of information, many fleet owners have turned to shipment-tracking technology to deliver critical data. In the past, getting this data to customers was an arduous, involved process that typically required lots of paperwork and phone calls, and even then precise shipping information was not always available. With current HorizonGO shipment tracking technologies, however, clients can easily track their shipment data with the click of a mouse.

The Benefits of Shipment Tracking Technology

Shipment tracking technology, including hardware and software, is able to almost instantaneously provide important information regarding shipments, including departure time, current location, and estimated time of arrival. This data can allow your clients to plan better at their own companies, and it gives you the ability to route trucks more efficiently, saving time and money. Customers can also be alerted to changes in status, helping them to make crucial decisions and inform their partners of delays or potential early arrivals. All of this combined can help to build client loyalty and a stronger business relationship.

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Mobile

It’s important to recognize that, as HorizonGO shipment tracking data becomes easier to access, your fleet is becoming an integrated and integral part of your clients’ supply chains. Clients expect your shipment tracking systems to be easy to use and easy to access. With mobile technology on the rise and more and more people using smartphones and tablets to access data, if your shipment tracking system isn’t mobile-friendly and accessible from anywhere, it will soon have to be.

The Future of Shipment Tracking Technology

Going forward, shipment tracking technology will continue to become more sophisticated. Right now, most systems allow clients to receive regular updates about the approximate location of shipments, but with GPS technology, these systems could be used to track shipments in real-time, pinpointing exact locations. In fact, this technology could be used to allow customers to literally track a shipment on a map as it moves down the road.

Keeping Up to Date

To stay competitive, fleet owners have to do their part in keeping up to date with the latest in trucking technology, and this includes HorizonGO shipment tracking systems. Many put this off because they feel that the initial cost of switching over to an updated system is too high, but when you consider the benefits to your customers and the potential for additional business, it’s easy to see why you can’t afford to put it off for long. Also, keep in mind that trucking technology has been and always will be improving, so there will always be upgrades and updates that need to be made in order to remain successful. By taking small steps now, you can see a big payoff later.

Where do you see HorizonGO shipment tracking technology headed? Do you feel that it has brought you closer to your clients?

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