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Transportation Management System

As shippers seek to maximize their supply chain performance against the harsh background of increasing shipping costs, constrained truck capacity, and changing and more complex customer needs, handled transport systems TMS remains the top issue we discuss with them.

We are frequently asked what we feel are the top transportation management systems (TMS) in the business as we find our way through the discussion of Managed TMS.

To assist customers in their TMS planning phase for modernizing their supply chain systems. We want to be an open-source transportation management system transparent. As possible about the various transportation management system TMS software alternatives to figure out which system is the best match for them since there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Top Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

1. HorizonGO

HorizonGO has launched a cloud-based TMS system. HorizonGo is categorized as the top best Transportation management software in trucking. Horizon Go is designed as a cloud-based trucking software that will provide complete access to your customers, drivers, and teams anytime, anywhere. Easy-to-use real-time technology eliminates the available resources, billing, and compliance.


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2. 3Gtms 

3Gtms For simpler administration of complicated shipping, the conducts transportation software logistics management system operations, freight planning, transmission rate, execution, and settlement from a single interface. The software is employed in North America and globally with a low TCO.

3. BluJay 

It provides both self-contained TMS and managed TMS services. Capabilities that are both internal and international. There are other BluJay supply chain execution packages that can be plugged into the TMS. Although it can accommodate more prominent shippers, its client base tends between multi-distributors and 3PLs.

4. Logistics in the Cloud

Foreign melton trucking loads are the primary emphasis. Rail, worldwide ocean, and air travel are not currently available. However, they are being developed. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is low.

5. MercuryGate

MercuryGate is a widely used TMS that may be used in any form of distribution. The cloud-based technology used in such a fully prepared system allows customers to operate remotely. Scalability is one of the TMS’s most vital features, making it ideal for businesses that anticipate developing in the future. MercuryGate works with various delivery methods, including LTL, FTL, and train. The approach delivers shipping operations clear to end-users, making sharing information with parties easier. MercuryGate is suitable for domestic and international transportation firms since it is a worldwide solution.

6. Oracle Transportation Management System

Oracle Transportation Management is a software program that helps you manage transportation enterprises. The Oracle TM solution is intended to handle all elements of freight transport. The system provides transportation planning and control tools and the ability to include third parties. This type of software TMS transportation management system requirements aids business owners in unifying and simplifying transportation planning, invoicing, and payments. Moreover, Walmart’s transportation management systems and supply chain business activities are automated. Oracle TM is also constantly updated with new capabilities, such as enhanced fleet management, more thorough driver information, and so on.


Two versions of DA TMS Management Systems are available: on-premises and the cloud. The technology synchronizes and optimizes all activities within a supply chain, allowing company owners to reduce expenses. The JDA systems feature gives all users access to the most up-to-date knowledge and information, transforming each stage into a highly transparent chain. This TMS also makes communication easier between drivers, managers, and other users. As a result, the JDA TMS is a practical solution for reducing costs and increasing the performance of all operations.

8. SAP

SAP’s comprehensive platform integrates with its ERP and supply chain management tools. Reliable system for medium and big complex shippers and third-party logistics. Transportation management system providers are well-versed in global supply chain requirements. Descartes is a partner for some of their carrier communication systems. In comparison to other TMS platforms, the TCO is considerable.

9. Kuebix 

TMS management system emphasizes the need to streamline supply chain activities. Kuebix has several advantages, one of which is its ease of use. Employers may use the program to acquire a vital tool for sophisticated analytics and transportation efficiency. Moreover, Kuebix is prepared for your transportation management system companies. Expansion promotion of the TMS to adapt to a wide range of requirements. The device operates with various delivery modalities, including ground, water, and air.

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10. TMC is a division of CH Robinson.

TMS and TMC were created as a result of the company’s process of software development to assist its trading segment. Robust TMS with a wide range of features to serve all nationally and internationally freight modalities. It offers both an independent TMS and a managed TM service, while it is best recognized for its robust controlled TM service. With independent TMS customers, pricing might be perplexing, so ask plenty of questions and do your homework. The target market is medium to big shippers. TCO is in the middle to high range.

11. TMS Manhattan

Manhattan TMS systems are one of the most technologically advanced transportation management systems available. Business people may use software to acquire advanced planning for each level of the supply chain. Methods for managing fleet control, audit, payment and invoice automation, and other helpful functions are included in the system. Users also obtain multimedia functionalities to fulfill the needs of end customers.

12. TMW

 TMS is a robust TMS that can accommodate non-asset and corporate transportation for shipping and 3PLs. At the same time, transporters and dealers are more likely to use it—domestically oriented, mainly in North America.

13. Transplace

They’re most known for their managed TM service, but they’re also selling their TMS as a stand-alone system. Nationally and internationally, capacities were emphasized in North America. However, international cooperation was achieved through a partnership. TCO is said to be quite affordable. The customer base of medium to big shippers.

TMS Requirements Document 

RFP for TMS Requirements Document TMS’s document With the best transportation management systems identified, purchasers must create a system required to make an impartial selection. Too frequently, we see firms making decisions based on flare and enthusiasm, which leads to inferior results.

There are several TMS requirements guidelines available, and we’ve included a few from the leading TMS providers above:

The documents are a good starting point, but you’ll want to elaborate on each criterion based on its importance to your business. The significance of numbering is that it will aid in making an objective judgment once all of the replies have been received, as it will provide you with an overall score of “fit for your firm.”

There are two factors to remember about scoring: it must be completed before the requirements document is sent out, and TMS suppliers should not see the rankings unless they have completed them. It’s possible that omitting one or the other will result in inadvertent bias after the fact.

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