An Annual Reflection and Projection


Looking Back at 2017 – Looking Ahead to 2018

It’s been a really good year for us at HorizonGO. As good as 2017 was, we are excited about the software updates coming to you in 2018. We’d like to take a moment and go through these past exciting moments and those still to come with you!

J.J. Keller Integration Meets ELD Mandate Requirements

One of our biggest concerns in 2017 was the December 18, 2017, ELD Mandate deadline. The ELD Mandate deadline came and we were ready. We began preparing for the deadline in 2016 as we developed our software to allow for integration with J.J. Keller’s electronic logging device.  We also made sure that our software integrates with many of the other ELD providers that our clients use. 

If you still haven’t demoed our software to see how it integrates or if it integrates with your ELD provider, there’s no time like the present to get that started. Here are a couple of past blogs to read on the topic:

Successfully making the move from paper logs to an ELD

The ELD Mandate is Coming 

HorizonGO Suite Training and Help

Throughout the year, we developed training videos that would walk the user through installing the HorizonGO app among other app functionalities. In 2018, we will be developing training videos for our entire suite of products. Also, our user guide documentation is being updated to provide you with a more user-friendly, searchable guide experience – on the cloud!

If you are a Horizon User and would like us to send you a training video or keep you posted on upcoming training video releases, email us today and we will assist you. 

Starting 2018 With Desktop App Availability

We launched the HorizonGO app for Web Users but recognized a need or convenience of having the app available for a Horizon Desktop integration as well. We are pleased to announce that the HorizonGO app is now available to our Horizon Desktop users.

Have you wondered if the HorizonGO app is a good fit for your organization? We are offering our Horizon Desktop users the opportunity to preview the HorizonGO App for free in a guided demonstration.

Get your name on the list to Demo this app today!

More Comprehensive Reporting

Speaking of new and better – this news is big! We are now offering more comprehensive reporting of business analytics – allowing you the flexibility to filter data into single or multiple entities and then export it so that you can fully analyze your data. Management is able to isolate key data elements like drivers, tractors, trailers, customers, etc determining high-cost and high-revenue areas as well as creating a scenario where outliers both positive and negative can be identified improving dispatch efficiency and identifying more profitable moves.

We are so excited to show you a complete host of analytical activities that can be performed with our reporting and analytics tool.  This new feature is already available in the web product and at limited availability to Desktop users through a web version while that functionality is being completed.

Web software users can demo the new reporting functionality immediately. Desktop users can be shown the concept through sample reports until that technology is fully implemented.

Solving Your Accounting Software Challenges

As one of our accounting integration partners is no longer in the game, we’ve investigated new offerings to make this task seamless and easy for you. If you are impacted by this software challenge, let us help you to navigate a smooth transition to a new provider through a recommended provider’s list or investigate your chosen solution to see if integration with our software is possible. 

Tell us who you are using or considering today and let’s get that conversation started!

Web-based Integration for Trailer Security Modules

For the carrier that transports high value/highly sensitive, hazardous, or refrigerated freight where the security of the trailer is critical. The solution packages will include functionality such as (but is not limited to):

  • the detection and monitoring of the position, route, and position guard through GeoFencing
  • monitor the temperature inside a refrigerated truck and provides information about operating and maintenance cycles
  • and a variety of security-related enhancements to increase the security and anti-theft protection

We will be launching a series of informational pages on this new module offering over the next few months.

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