Successfully making the move from paper logs to an ELD


Ready or not, the time to switch from paper logs to an ELD is here – in fact, it’s almost passed you by.

Let’s be honest. The longer you wait, the harder this process is going to be on you. It’s not just about the installation – your drivers need to be trained. You need to make your decision now so that you can get the results that you are required to show to be compliant. 

What happens if you haven’t started the process (yes, we’ve met quite a few of you)? How do you go from paper logs to electronic logs? How do you do this in time?

What happens if you haven’t started?

The transition from paper to electronic is an overwhelming one in any area of business. In the instance of driver logging in transportation, it goes beyond overwhelming and into the realms of frustration and uncertainty. With paper logging, you are often interpreting someone else’s writing and tirelessly training everyone to be on the same page (pardon the pun). The job of the admin staff has a great margin of error and is often a cumbersome one.

That’s the good news in the ELD Mandate enforcement. Your job may actually have just gotten easier and legally enforced. Well, it will be easier once you successfully transition from paper to electronic logging. At HorizonGO, we specialize in software solutions but have made the decision to integrate with ELD providers rather than throw our own hat in electronic logging device games. That means that our clients that use a paper method or have previously used our Compliance module will need to transition to one of our integrated partners.

Previously, we advised you to put a great deal of effort into vetting ELD providers and testing software to find the perfect pricing and integration scenario. Unfortunately, you’ve lost the benefit of time. We’ve been asking around to find out how those folks who have not started can still make it in time. J. J. Keller, for example, (we integrate with their ELD system) says that although time is of the essence at this point, all hope is not lost.

And if you don’t become compliant in time? According to Duane DeBRuyne, the FMCSA spokesperson, if you don’t have an AOBRD or ELD  before the December 18, 2017 deadline, you will be cited for a violation and could be fined. He states, “Companies that continually violate the rule could be subject to federal investigation as well,” 

How do you go from paper to electronic logs?

In the eLog Transitions Basics Whitepaper, J. J. Keller discusses each step of the process of one of the basic models — prepare, manage, and reinforce.

Prepare for this change by:

  • Defining your vision
  • Identifying leadership and driver champions
  • Selecting your ELD system
  • Considering any system implementation needs
  • Developing ELD Policy and Procedures

Be clear and concise with the hours-of-service policy and the consequences of non-compliance.

Manage the Change by:

  • Increasing compliance – train or retrain drivers, supervisors, mechanics, and support staff
  • Implementing ELDs

DO NOT underestimate the amount of training and coaching needed.

Reinforce the Changes by Evaluating:

  • The system itself. Is it being used as intended and accomplishing your goals?
  • The reports from the system. Are the reports actually providing you with actionable information?
  • Error rates. Are you seeing significant error rates involving drivers forgetting to log in or out, forgetting required entries, etc.?
  • Violation rate. Are the violations related to hours of service dropping? Are specific drivers still logging out and driving, falsifying their logs, and creating a tremendous liability for you?
  • Calls for assistance/technical support. Are our support calls decreasing over time? How is the vendor performing with after-hours support?

Download the complete whitepaper today for a step-by-step guide on how to successfully transition from a paper logging system to an electronic one that is FMCSA ELD Mandate Compliant!

How do you do this in time?

Let us help. If you already have an ELD chosen, let us show you how our system integrates with your chosen ELD. If you haven’t made a decision, we can show you our system and even introduce you to one of our integrated partners, like J. J. Keller and more.

Follow the countdown here to know exactly how many days remain for you to become compliant.

paper logs to an ELD

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