Top Best Load Boards for Trucker [Free & Paid Guide]

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The best load board for truckers maintains your time slots full, allowing you to spend less time seeking work and spending more time driving. Truckers without freight board permission can use load boards to get experience, create a name, and communicate directly with shippers and brokers.

What is Load Board?

A load board is a platform or software where shippers and carriers can find each other to book freight. It’s a tool that can help both shippers and carriers move freight efficiently.

Load boards let users post or search for loads based on criteria like type of freight, origin and destination, and delivery date. Once a load is posted, carriers can view the details and submit a bid. The shipper then reviews the bids and selects the carrier that’s the best fit.

Load boards can be a valuable resource for both shippers and carriers. Shippers can find carriers quickly and easily, and they can also get the best possible rates. Carriers can find loads that are a good fit for their equipment and schedule.

What is the purpose of a load board?

Logistics companies use freight load boards as an online matching system to help them find trustworthy carriers and negotiate agreements to ship freight. Get loaded load boards help stay on top of the market and negotiate the best rates.

Finding the best best load boards for new authority can be a challenge, but it’s definitely not impossible. Shippers and freight brokers can use freight load board apps to contact carriers, best load boards for freight brokers and find loads that match their needs.

They can also use the app to analyze credit information, see messages, and make notes to send to shipping companies or carriers. With the trucker load board’s filter, the sliced through the noise of countless shipments, zeroing in on the perfect match for their truck and schedule.

Best load boards for owner-operators, options like 123Loadboard, DAT, and Truckstop offer extensive databases, mobile apps, and features tailored to maximize their income and control over their trucking business.

Loading Boards For Trucks

In the bustling world of trucking, where deadlines meet open highways, loading boards play a crucial role in connecting cargo with carriers.

These online platforms serve as digital matchmakers, bringing together shippers with freight and truckers seeking loads. But what exactly are they, and how do they impact the trucking industry?

At their core, loading boards are online marketplaces for freight. Shippers post details about their cargo, including origin, destination, weight, dimensions, and desired timeline.

Truckers, on the other hand, can search for loads that match their equipment, route, and schedule preferences. The board facilitates communication between the two parties, allowing them to negotiate rates and book shipments.

Free vs Paid Freight Load Boards

This is dashboad of load board free

In the field of transportation, there is a lot of competition between online compliance systems, so you can find free and paid suppliers in the market with flexible plans.

The great news is that there is no guarantee that a paid storage panel is a better option than a free one. For freight forwarders, some free shipping cards can offer you better service.

With ambition and skill, even a rookie broker can climb the ladder to join the ranks of the highest paid freight brokers.

Navigating the scorching landscape of best load boards for hotshots trucking? Buckle up – these top load boards will fuel your hustle with the hottest hauls.

  • Free Freight Load Boards

Some outstanding options are free truck stop load boards. You don’t want to spend money on load-board subscription services if you’re starting. Freeload boards for trucks are a great and convenient way for truck drivers to receive cargo from shippers without additional service costs.

You can still use a free freight search option to find loads and check rates, just like with premium load board services. This will help you find the best loads for your needs.

Free load boards for brokers like Trucker Tools Pro can help new truckers find their footing without breaking the bank.

DAT, Truckstop, and 123Loadboard are considered the top 3 load boards in the trucking industry. There are some top best free loadboards for trucking companies such as:

  • Truls
  • Live Loads
  • Load Up
  • Trucking Planet
  • Paid Freight Load Boards

Several load boards for straight trucks have a cost attached to them as well. However, don’t let it alone put you off. Paid best trucking load boards for truckers may be the correct decision for you, but if you’re ready to take your trucking career to the next level.

On the other hand, many paid services still offer a free trial for a few days so that you can try them out to feel better about the fee search platform. Here are a few of the best-paid load board choices to help you get back on the road, get your logistics service to work, and cut down on deadhead miles.

There are some top best-Paid Load Boards such as:

  • Truckstop.com
  • Direct Freight
  • 123 load boards
  • DAT load boards
  • Comfreight

Dispatcher load boards are the lifeblood of the trucking industry, connecting dispatchers with a vast network of carriers and loads, ensuring efficient freight movement and keeping trucks rolling.

How Does a Freight Load Board Work?

To utilize a freight load board, follow these steps:

  • Transporters may use the online application to search and identify goods that have already been advertised based on their locations, load destinations, shipping date, and various other criteria.
  • On the other side, Logistics brokerage firms and shippers may either list their loads or search for a vehicle or equipment needed to transport their cargo based on their location.

The best free or paid online charge boards to have a lot of specific data about both parties to make it quicker and easier for them to find each other.

It is also essential that the online board request provides valuable information on how both parties communicate. Contact details such as the email address or telephone numbers of shipping companies, shippers, or freight forwarders are usually given in these applications.

Benefits Of Freight Load Board

Benefits Of Freight Load Board
Image via: Horizon Go

It is also essential that the online board request provides valuable information on how both parties communicate. Load board for brokers are online platforms that connect freight brokers with carriers available to transport goods.

Contact details such as the email address or telephone numbers of shipping companies, shippers, or freight forwarders are usually given in these applications.

There are several benefits to using a freight load board, including:

  • Truckers, transporters, and freight brokers will find it simple to use and cost-effective.
  • For new freight brokers or owner-operators, the best method for running their firm is
  • Improved utilization of existing Freight and transportation, particularly for time-sensitive shipments
  • Enhance service to receive deliveries of Freight that match their location and equipment
  • Delivering loads should be made more accessible.
  • Motor transporters are given a choice to prevent deadheading back home.
  • Mobile phones, tablets, and PCs provide quick access from anywhere.

Best Load Boards for Truckers

There are some of the best load boards for truckers; we help you pick the following load board to receive more matching at the highest possible prices. Load board prices can vary depending on the provider, the features offered, and the level of service.

Delivery load boards connect shippers with available trucks and drivers, streamlining the process of transporting goods. The Truckstop Load board connects carriers and brokers with millions of high-paying freight loads, offering a user-friendly platform to streamline your logistics operations.

1. HorizonGO

HorizonGO is a cloud-based TMS solution is now become the top 1st best load board in the USA which is Horizongo. HorizonGO is known as the best Load Board. HorizonGO is a cloud-based transportation software that gives you complete access to your clients, drivers, and teams at any time and from any location. Real-time technology that is simple to use reduces the need for available funds, billing, and accountability.


  • Keeping track of the multiple trucks
  • A Dispatcher can check the load status 
  • Displayed load on the load board
  • The scheduler shows the load 
  • Drivers can receive the message and update the load status


 Visit the website for more details.

2. Trucker Path

Trucker Path links truck transporters with a broad network of customers and dealers as a leading mobile application for truckers and operators. This is one of the list’s free choices—the unique features of searches by weight, cargo, route, and checking broker credit scores.


  • Analysis of the data for addresses
  • Parking accessibility is updated.
  • A vast network


  • Job applications are accepted through an extensive network.
  • It’s a one-stop shop. Purchase vehicles and choose jobs.


Some truck stops have deceptive reviews.



3. Truckstop.com

Truck stop is an innovator in the online loading boards sector, one of the first. They’ve taken full advantage of that time. Using the efficient booking system is only $39, but several high-end services come. The Truckstop network, which has over 600,000 brokers, is a reliable source of jobs for all sorts of freight truckers in the sector.


  • You can break into the business if you have a reputation for quality.
  • A vast network


  • Look for a cargo type or a truck type.
  • Very well regarded
  • Payment is made quickly.
  • With the Pro plan, you can get market information.


  • The cost of the most advanced features is relatively high.
  • There are fewer cargoes available than some of our rivals.


  • $39 per month for the Basic Plan
  • Advanced Plan: $125 per month, including broker credit and the days-to-pay function.
  • $149/month for the Pro Plan, which includes real-time load boards, route planning, broker credit, and more.

4. 123Loadboard

With over 4.4 million goods published per month, 123Loadboard has a vast network of dealers and accessible loads. You may choose the load with the cost criterion that usually works for you because of the various features that provide detailed knowledge of expenses with each load.

Truck stop loadboards are a historical and still relevant way for truckers to find work, especially for those preferring a more direct and personal approach.


  • Expense information
  • Can Post Loads for free.
  • A vast network


  • There isn’t a hotshot filter.
  • Complaints regarding the app’s PC version


  • Standard: $35.00 per month
  • Premium membership costs $45 per month.
  • $55/month for Premium Plus

5. Direct Shipping

Direct Freight, which was established in 1997, provides free cargo shipping. A paid membership is available for the transportation system, load monitoring, stored searches, weather forecasts, and more features.

The trucking industry or best truck load board relies heavily on best truck load apps, which connect drivers with available jobs and streamline logistics. Trucking apps for loads are a valuable tool for truck drivers, helping them find and book freight quickly and easily.

Direct Freight collaborates with a software firm to provide an intuitive and easy user experience, including a freshly updated app. Direct Freight Load Board is a giant online marketplace connecting shippers with truck drivers and carriers.


  • Reports on credit
  • An entirely free option


  • Low-cost approach
  • Filtering of the load has been enhanced.
  • Text message notifications


  • Quotes are not guaranteed.
  • In some circumstances, there are insurance difficulties.


  • Monthly cost: $34.95

6. DAT Solutions 

DAT Solutions is a leading company and among the most recognized straight truck load board for the experienced trucker, with over 485,000 loads each day and a database of 1.3 million vehicles.

With three tiers of operation, DAT Services can fulfill the demands of any operator, from only one operator to major freight solutions.

DAT Loadboard is a platform where shippers and carriers can connect to find and book freight. It is the largest loadboard in the world, with over 400 million loads posted annually.


  • Everybody in the freight industry can benefit from our solutions.
  • A large broker network


  • Displays typical route rates
  • When preparing bids, you can easily view the average pricing for routes and loads.
  • Bid on different loads.
  • See how much rival carriers are willing to bid to stay competitive.


  • Complete broker data, including the credit report, ratings, and more
  • There have been some billing difficulties mentioned.
  • In certain circumstances, customer service replies may be better.


  • DAT TruckersEdge $39.85/month 
  • The DAT Express costs $139 per month.
  • DAT Power costs $149 per month.

7. Convoy

Shippers and brokers rely on Convoy as an industry leader to provide remarkable outcomes. Convoy is a wonderful place to start if you want to create a name in the shipping sector with significant customers. Convoy delivers total assistance for transporters and brokers along the supply chain, from a simple interface to instructional materials and customer service.


  • Data transparency and analytics to help you select the best loading
  • High expectations of quality and conformity
  • Through state, postcode code, geographic location, or load kind, you may find what you’re looking for.


  • Data in real-time
  • An extensive network of shippers, along with some of North America’s largest corporations
  • In only a few minutes, you may set upload bidding.


  • A more costly option
  • If you are not an approved Convoy carrier, you will face more competition.
  • Volume control troubles with the app when loading.


  • The monthly cost is $100.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Load Boards

Truckers’ load boards provide benefits with flexibility. When you’re available, choose the loads you want. Here are some more advantages and disadvantages:

Truckers’ Benefits from Load Boards

The opportunity to fill your calendar is the immense benefit of load boards for drivers. Best truck load board allows you to fill your schedule with tasks that suit your requirements and timing, whether you work full-time or part-time or organize your Plan with other employment. Customized offers, typical route charges, and credit report checks to deal with the top firms are among the other benefits.

Truckers’ Disadvantages of Load Board

The necessity to look for each job is a significant downside of load boards for drivers. You may not always fill your calendar or obtain the prices you desire. As a result, some truckers prefer to work for a dedicated fleet like Convoy.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a load board?

A load board is an online marketplace where shippers and carriers can connect with each other to find and book freight

How do load boards work?

What are the benefits of using a load board?

What are some of the most popular load boards?

How do I choose the right load board for me?


Ultimately, the best load board for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Choose a free option if you’re starting or have limited funds. Paid boards offer more features and access to more loads, but may be worth the investment if you’re looking to maximize your profitability. No matter which load board you choose, research and compare options to find the best fit for your trucking business.

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