Best Shipment Tracking Software

Best Shipment Tracking Software

Shipping is a huge multinational industry; however, it’s no surprise that firms want effective shipping solutions. In reality, many medium businesses (>=1000 monthly shipments) use two to five distinct shippers for cross-country transportation, which can be challenging to follow in real-time! This is why, to give the most excellent monitoring solutions to its clients, any firm worth its salt should collaborate with a shipment/courier/logistics tracking software.

The most successful firms recognize that customer service does not end once a transaction is completed. There are several possibilities to delight and engage consumers throughout the delivery process with each particular cargo. It starts with the high-quality shipment, courier, or general logistics system tracking.

The logistics business has evolved tremendously over the last four decades, from a few scattered delivery locations to the world’s very thriving courier system. Courier/logistics/Shipment tracking software and solutions have played a significant role in this. There’s a reasonable probability that the transport sector would still be locked in the disco era if it weren’t for technology.

What is shipping, courier, or Shipment Tracking Software, and how does it work?

Shipment tracking software track products and truck

Shipping tracking software is a web-based or virtualized platform that helps retailers manage their shipments. This shipment tracking application simplifies activities and allows for speedier product delivery. This implies that traditionally strenuous manual activities can now be completed fast with AI, APIs, and other tech-driven shipping solutions.

Best way Shipping Tracking/Logistics/Courier or Shipment Tracking Software for Companies

Shipping software has been at the forefront of several shipping tracker apps to help you organize and monitor an ever-increasing number of orders. Current shipping methods will no longer suffice as firms expand. Each medium or big business tracking will require shipping tracking software to ensure operations run effectively. Choosing the finest shipping monitoring software for your company, on the other hand, is no simple task. It relies entirely on the solutions they supply in its field of activity through its software. Based on the features of their products, we’ve reduced the queue of Top Best shipping management software to those mentioned here, based on reviews and information from prominent organizations.

1) HorizonGO:

Horizon is shipment tracking software for Truckers in US

HorizonGo is cutting-edge trucking software that enables efficient trucking operations for companies of all sizes. HorizonGo provides a fluid and simplified experience for transportation companies, allowing them to optimize their processes and maximize efficiency, It is good for use because of its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface.

2) ClickPost:

Click Post tracking shipment software

ClickPost is a major trucking software company that specializes in optimizing last-mile delivery operations. ClickPost’s user-friendly design and strong capabilities enable transportation businesses to easily automate their logistics procedures. This software allows enterprises to improve customer satisfaction and visibility throughout the delivery journey by providing real-time tracking and updates.


  • Tracking and updates for shipments in real time         
  • Customer delivery alerts that are automated 
  • Route optimization for effective delivery 
  • Integration with e-commerce systems for seamless order management         
  • Reports and analytics that can be customized to track performance
  • Trucking firms can use Click Post to streamline their last-mile delivery operations, reduce delays, and provide a smooth client experience.


  • Offers NDR and returns management capabilities to reduce RTOs and losses in reverse logistics.
  • Guarantees accurately predicted delivery dates.
  • Provides real-time tracking information.


  • Not suitable for handling large orders.
  • Only appropriate for small and medium-sized organizations.

3) Shippo

A shippo shipment tracking software

Shippo is a comprehensive trucking software solution that streamlines the shipping process for companies of all sizes. Shippo’s user-friendly platform allows merchants to access a variety of shipping carriers, compare rates, print labels, and track shipments all in one place. This program removes the need for manual data entry and decreases the likelihood of errors, saving trucking businesses time and effort.


  • Integration with numerous shipping carriers 
  • Rate comparison for cost-effective shipping 
  • Automation of label generation and printing 
  • Batch processing for bulk shipments 
  • Analytics and reporting for performance analysis
  • Shippo’s user-friendly design and robust capabilities make it an excellent solution for trucking companies looking to streamline their shipping procedures and cut operational costs.


        • Validation checks minimize inaccurate or unsuccessful deliveries
        • Easy to use
        • Quick customer service
        • Low price


        • Installation may take longer
        • Limited customised choices
        • Limited specialist services

        4) Aftership

        After ship a shipment software

        Aftership is a powerful transportation program that focuses on improving cargo tracking. This software enables trucking companies to track shipments from numerous carriers and offer clients real-time information. Aftership combines tracking data from many carriers into a single dashboard, providing a uniform view of shipment statuses.


        • Tracking goods from different carriers in one location         
        • Customer notifications in real time 
        • Branded tracking pages for a more personalized experience 
        • Delivery date and insights         
        • Order tracking is made easier with integration with e-commerce systems
        • Trucking firms may improve their cargo tracking systems, reduce customer queries, and improve overall operational efficiency by employing Aftership.


              • Simple to set up
              • Integrates quickly with shipping firms, sales platforms, and forums


              • Best suited for small companies
              • May have delays or erroneous order tracking statuses for larger organizations
              • Inadequate customer service, according to many complaints

              5) ShipStation

              Shipstation is tracking software for shipment

              ShipStation is an all-in-one trucking software solution that focuses on streamlining order fulfillment operations. This software consolidates order administration, inventory tracking, and shipping label generating, allowing trucking companies to successfully optimize their operations. ShipStation offers a streamlined solution for managing orders from numerous channels thanks to its seamless connections with leading marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.


              • Integration with numerous marketplaces and e-commerce platforms 
              • Order management and tracking in one location 
              • Automated label generation and printing 
              • Inventory management and stock-level notifications         
              • Analytics and reporting for performance evaluation
              • Trucking firms may use ShipStation to automate their order fulfillment operations, decrease manual errors, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


                    • ShipStation is user-friendly and easy to handle.
                    • It allows for rapid and straightforward integration with selling networks and shipping partners


                    • Small and medium-sized firms mainly utilize ShipStation with modest order quantities.
                    • It has a restricted feature set.
                    • ShipStation’s customer assistance is inadequate.

                    6) MetaPack

                    Meta Pack is shipment track software

                    MetaPack is a major trucking software company that focuses on providing businesses and customers with seamless delivery experiences. MetaPack delivers end-to-end insight and control over the entire distribution process with its extensive capabilities and integrations. This software enables transportation firms to manage many carriers efficiently, optimize routes, and give a consistent delivery experience across multiple channels.


                    • Multi-carrier administration for simple coordination with several shipping partners 
                    • Dynamic routing and optimization for effective delivery 
                    • Real-time tracking and status updates for customers         
                    • Customization of delivery options and preferences         
                    • Returns administration for trouble-free reverse logistics
                    • Trucking firms can improve customer happiness, eliminate delivery errors, and improve overall operational efficiency by employing MetaPack.


                        • MetaPack is highly efficient shipping software.
                        • It offers a wide range of features and freight alternatives.
                        • Meta Pack is widely used in USA.


                        • MetaPack has limited carrier selection and pin code support in the United States and Asia.
                        • It mainly caters to small and medium-sized businesses.
                        • It provides little customer care.

                        7) Narvar

                        Narvar is shipment software

                        Narvar is a transportation software company that focuses on improving the post-purchase experience for clients. This program is designed to provide customised, branded tracking experiences that keep clients informed and involved throughout the delivery process. To increase client loyalty and happiness, Narvar provides features such as real-time delivery notifications, proactive communication, and a customer-centric approach.


                        • Branded tracking experiences to maintain a consistent brand image         
                        • Proactive delivery notifications and updates Return management and customer self-service alternatives        
                        • Insights and data on delivery performance         
                        • Order management is made easier with integration with e-commerce systems

                        Trucking companies can use Narvar to improve the post-purchase experience, establish consumer trust, and foster long-term partnerships


                        • Narvar’s tracking system ensures accurate delivery dates.
                        • Customers receive real-time order updates.
                        • Improved customer experience.


                        • Accessibility to the concierge center depends on the shipping partner used.
                        • Industry-specific customizations may limit general applicability.
                        • Highly personalized interaction may not be feasible for all customers.

                        8) ShippyPro

                        Ship pro is tracking shipment software

                        ShippyPro is a complete trucking software that focuses on optimizing corporate shipping processes. This software has a number of functions that make order fulfillment, label generation, and tracking easier. ShippyPro offers a consolidated platform for handling orders, determining the most cost-effective shipping choices, and optimizing shipping operations to ensure on-time delivery.


                        • Order administration and tracking from a single centralized platform 
                        • Integration with numerous carriers for a variety of shipping choices
                        • Automation of label production and printing 
                        • Bulk processing for efficient order fulfillment 
                        • Analytics and reporting for performance evaluation
                        • Trucking firms can use ShippyPro to streamline their shipping operations, cut expenses, and improve overall efficiency.


                        • ShippyPro is famous across e-commerce businesses
                        • It is simple to use
                        • Provides efficient order-tracking solutions


                        • ShippyPro might be costly for small enterprises because additional functionality may be charged
                        • Customer help is only available via chat
                        • Making it difficult to correct serious system faults at times.

                        9) ShipWell

                        Shipwell is shipment tracking software

                        ShipWell is a robust transportation software that focuses on freight management process optimization. This program simplifies the hard work of handling freight shipments by providing end-to-end visibility, collaboration tools, and automation features. ShipWell enables transportation companies to improve freight visibility, streamline operations, and improve communication and collaboration with carriers and customers.


                        • Freight tracking and real-time visibility 
                        • Automation of document generation and management 
                        • Freight rate management and optimization 
                        • Carrier collaboration and communication tools 
                        • Analytics and reporting for performance analysis
                        • Trucking firms can use ShipWell to streamline their freight management operations, cut expenses, and increase overall operational efficiency.


                            • Simple onboarding process
                            • Ease of usage
                            • Growing popularity


                            • Interface and elements are typically not customizable
                            • Not a resource system
                            • Tough to obtain alternative trucks in a truck breakdown.

                            10) Veeqo

                            Veeqo is software for shipment

                            Veeqo is a transportation software integration that focuses on seamless inventory and order management for enterprises. This software provides a consolidated platform for inventory management, order tracking, and order fulfillment process optimization. Trucking firms can use Veeqo to automate inventory tracking, reduce stock outs, and ensure precise order fulfillment.


                            • nventory management centralized across many channels
                            • Order tracking and fulfillment automation 
                            • Integration with numerous marketplaces and e-commerce platforms 
                            • Performance evaluation reporting and analytics 
                            • Stock level alerts and replenishment recommendations
                            • Trucking firms can use Veeqo to streamline their inventory and order management operations, improve accuracy, and increase overall operational efficiency.


                            • Allows clients to assign specific product quantities to different locations
                            • Makes pickup and delivery more convenient
                            • Simple to use
                            • Allows for two-way interaction across platforms


                            • Technical challenges arise when inventories must be merged with multiple suppliers
                            • Customer service is in need of improvement

                            11) FreightPop

                            Frieghtpop is shipment tracking software


                            • Freight rate comparison and optimization 
                            • Carrier selection and management 
                            • Shipment tracking and visibility Automated document generation 
                            • Analytics and reporting for performance analysis
                            • Trucking firms can use Freight Pop to better manage their freight operations, improve decision-making, and increase customer satisfaction.


                              • Simple interface with Warehouse Management Systems
                              • Increased visibility of all transit and carriers
                              • Improved monitoring of imports


                              • Onboarding and initial deployment can take a long time
                              • Particularly challenging for large firms with a lot of stock and many customers

                              12) ParcelLab

                              ParacellLab is tracking shipment software

                              ParcelLab is a trucking software that improves shipment visibility and customer engagement throughout delivery. Customers benefit from real-time tracking, proactive communication, and customized experiences using this software. ParcelLab helps transportation firms to provide a more smooth and more engaging delivery process to their customers, enhancing customer happiness and loyalty.


                              • Real-time shipment monitoring and updates
                              • Proactive communication and notifications 
                              • Branded tracking experiences that can be customized 
                              • Delivery analytics and insights 
                              • Integration with e-commerce platforms for easy order management
                              • Trucking firms may use ParcelLab to improve customer experience, increase transparency, and develop strong customer connections.


                                High-quality customer service from Parcellab during onboarding and use of the program.


                                Parcellab’s software has limited functionality that may not be suitable for larger enterprises.

                                13) Easyship

                                Easyship is a trucking software company that focuses on improving worldwide shipping procedures. This software includes automated customs documentation, international carrier selection, and real-time tax and duty calculations to help simplify cross-border shipments. Trucking companies may use Easyship to expand their reach, save shipping costs, and maintain compliance with international rules.


                                • Automation of customs documentation and compliance 
                                • International carrier selection and administration 
                                • Real-time tax and duty computations 
                                • Multi-currency and localized pricing options         
                                • Performance evaluation analytics and reporting
                                    • Easyship can help trucking companies enhance global shipping, enter new markets, and provide seamless service to international customers.


                                    • High-quality customer service from Parcellab during onboarding and use of the program.


                                    Parcellab’s software has limited functionality that may not be suitable for larger enterprises.

                                    14) WeSupplyLabs

                                    wesupply logo

                                    WeSupplyLabs is a trucking software company that focuses on improving businesses’ order fulfillment and returns management procedures. Customers can use this software for order tracking, returns automation, and self-service alternatives. WeSupplyLabs assists transportation firms in improving order accuracy, streamlining returns processes, and increasing customer happiness.


                                    • Order tracking and status updates 
                                    • Returns automation and self-service alternatives RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) administration         
                                    • Integration with e-commerce systems for more efficient order management         
                                    • Performance evaluation analytics and reporting
                                        • WeSupplyLabs helps trucking companies optimize order fulfillment, returns, cost savings, and enhance customer satisfaction.


                                        • WeSupplyLabs is simple to set up.
                                        • It has a user-friendly layout.
                                        • Allows speedy connection with courier partners.


                                        • WeSupplyLabs has a restricted set of capabilities best suited to small and medium-sized enterprises.
                                        • It’s noted for providing poor customer service.

                                        15) Parcel Perform

                                        ParacellLab is tracking Shipment software

                                        Parcel Perform is a transportation program focusing on parcel tracking optimization and analytics for organizations. This program consolidates tracking data from numerous carriers, providing trucking companies with real-time insights and analytics. Businesses can use Parcel Perform to improve delivery performance, boost customer communication, and make data-driven choices.


                                        • Consolidated package monitoring from numerous carriers 
                                        • Real-time delivery updates and notifications 
                                        • Analytics and reporting for evaluating delivery performance         
                                        • Integration with e-commerce systems for more efficient order management         
                                        • Branded tracking experiences that can be customized
                                        • Trucking firms can use Package Perform to streamline their package tracking systems, boost client happiness, and obtain important insights into their delivery operations.


                                          • ParcelPerform’s recruitment and connectivity processes are simple.
                                          • Once installed, the platform is noted for its ease of use.


                                          • ParcelPerform cannot manage potential delivery exceptions because it is not an asset-based system.
                                          • The majority of features are also not adaptable to the needs of the business.

                                          16) Convey

                                          Convey is tracking shipment software

                                          Convey is a transportation software that improves the delivery experience and effectively manages exceptions. This program provides real-time visibility into the delivery process, allowing trucking companies to address issues and connect with consumers more effectively. Convey’s features include delivery tracking, exception management, and targeted customer communication, all contributing to a smooth and satisfying delivery experience.


                                          • Real-time delivery tracking and updates 
                                          • Exception management for proactive problem resolution 
                                          • Customizable customer communication and notifications 
                                          • Insights and analytics for performance evaluation         
                                          • Order management is made easier with integration with e-commerce systems.
                                            • By employing Convey, trucking firms may improve their delivery experience, reduce exceptions, and promote strong customer connections.


                                            • Convey offers minimal transportation charges
                                            • Periodic validation checks prevent mistakes
                                            • It is simple to use
                                            • Excellent customer service


                                            • Convey is primarily useful for small and medium businesses
                                            • It only provides a particular number of specialized services
                                            • It is tough to execute.

                                            Choose the Best Shipping and Logistics Tracking Software

                                            Effectiveness in shipping, transport, and logistics tracker is the firm’s enterprise name. The most effective approach to staying ahead of the pack is to ensure you’re utilizing the most effective sources accessible. Although shipping companies are the first asset you may require, you will need a plan to handle these partners and the orders distributed among them to get a competitive advantage.

                                            This is where Track all shipments, carriers, and services come in. But, with so many choices, how can you know which is the best one to go with? We’ve developed a list of the most critical parameters to consider when picking an e-commerce shipment tracking software to make the process easier for you.

                                            1. Operational Area

                                            The accessibility of most shipping and delivery company monitoring software is determined by their location and the achievement of their different shipping collaborators. Even if a corporation has 300 or more shipping partners, none of them may be active in specific regions of the world.

                                            As a result, you’ll need to see if the shipment tracking software can adequately assist you in remembering the range of pin codes and cities where your clients are situated. Even though certain logistics monitoring software firms operate in such areas, you must be confident that they can manage the number of orders you need in that area. For example, a firm that predominantly works internationally may manage 50-100 orders per day, but it becomes useless when order numbers exceed that.

                                            2. Software Costs and Charges

                                            Rates for shipment/courier/logistics software, of course, have a significant influence on your company’s profits. However, this is not always the case that the cheapest rates are the best. It depends on the support you wish to provide, the number of orders you receive daily, and how you intend to ensure the company’s success.

                                            So, what has to be examined is what services are included in any special pricing and whether the price of using such services through shipment tracking software pays out in other ways, such as improved customer service or shorter RTOs.

                                            3. Shipping with Multiple Carriers

                                            Always choose a multi-carrier shipment tracking software. Enterprises that employ multi-carrier shipping may reach a larger audience because each courier company’s serviceability varies, take advantage of various enticing shopping discounts, and give their consumers a variety of shipping and delivery services. Even if a few carriers are down, multi-carrier delivery assures that your clients will never be left waiting.

                                            4. Order tracking in real-time

                                            Many organizations provide shipping tracking software that gives consumers order tracking updates; not all provide live or real-time information. Narvar, for example, does not provide clients with live order tracking or real-time tracking reports.

                                            5. User-Friendly Features and Faster Onboarding

                                            The ideal Shipment tracking software can be quickly set up to guarantee order fulfillment is not hampered. This implies that the onboarding process should be swift and painless, regardless of the number of orders, carriers, or users.

                                            You’ll also want to make sure it has a user-friendly interface to minimize unwanted order tracking delays. The functions should preferably be offered simply so that no complications or delays arise due to the software’s numerous intricacies.

                                            6. Various Delivery and Payment Methods

                                            Suppose you want to give the finest online shopping experience for your consumers. In that case, you’ll have to select a freight carrier tracking and logistics monitoring software that offers a variety of shipping and payment alternatives.

                                            Customers may get items at their leisure thanks to features including On-Demand delivery. To lessen the risks of cart abandonment at checkout, you could also consider giving several payment choices such as cash on delivery (COD), credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, and so on. All of these functions, and more, should be included in the top shipment tracking software.

                                            7. Returns Administration

                                            Because returns are a vital component of logistics trucking, having a good returns management system is crucial. Shipping organizations may use various courier and shipment tracking tools to manage returns. They are in charge of a shipment’s entire return journey, from pickup and tracking to delivery at the warehouse. Furthermore, logistics monitoring software with returns management can make returns lucrative by making the returns procedure as simple as possible for consumers. These satisfied clients will want to buy at your store more frequently as a result.

                                            A fully white-label tracking page with your brand’s logo, colors, Instagram feed, and other features is one of the key attractions of Shipment tracking software. Customers can, therefore, follow their orders on a customized tracking website, including a marketing panel with sale items, discounted products, and other fun new elements. Because it may enhance sales and customer involvement, this is an absolute must-have tool for logistics and shipment monitoring software.

                                            9. Customer Service

                                            Every Shipment tracking software provider should, in theory, have a customer support team to help resolve difficulties and provide assistance. These services may include software implementation, onboarding new carriers or users, answering customer questions about order status, and so on.

                                            We highly advise you to choose a Shipment tracking software with a good customer service staff. The shipment/courier/logistics tracking software company’s efficient service will comfort clients and customers.

                                            Utilization of the latest technology

                                            To simplify shipping procedures and expedite order fulfillment, all types of shipping systems largely rely on the usage of reducing logistics technology. The same is true for Shipment tracking software, whose primary goal is to offer consumers complete visibility of goods as they travel from the warehouse to them by giving timely order status updates.

                                            Without the greatest technology and tools, it would be impossible to communicate information quickly across all shipping channels via APIs that represent the EDDs. As a result, we cannot overstate the necessity of using cutting-edge logistics and courier tracking software.

                                            Final Thoughts

                                            Shipment/courier/logistics monitoring software has helped businesses worldwide flourish and expand to their full potential in three key areas. The first is in order management, where shipping API integrations are used to speed up assigning an order to a shipping partner and dispatching it. Therefore, the next step is to look into shipping. Most shipment and courier tracking software automate producing on-track shipping labels and even inventory management, ensuring that the item is delivered efficiently. The third is tracking, which allows the company and its customers to keep track of every stage of the delivery process in real-time, improving the customer’s post-purchase trip and keeping them coming back for more.

                                            Best Way Tracking:

                                            With so many goods being shipped by shipping service providers these days, it’s important to keep a tight check on them to avoid loss or theft of the shipment and delivery. We provide regular status updates for shipping firms throughout the world. To monitor an order dispatched with Best Way Parcel, all you have to do is check for the shipment’s tracking ID.

                                            F.A.Qs: Shipment Tracking Software

                                            How to track containers?

                                            The container number is one approach to tracing a container. A container number comprises four letters (the owner code), a six-digit serial number, and a check digit. ABCD1234567, for example. The owner code identifies the company that owns the container.

                                            How to cancel proactive automatic shipments online?

                                            RTLS, or real-time locating systems, track people and items in real time indoors using wireless signals. They use fixed reference points to receive signals from tags on objects or people, such as tracking autos on an assembly line, identifying warehouse pallets, or locating medical supplies in hospitals.

                                            How to track the amazon shipping tracker?

                                            Go to the Orders tab.
                                            Choose the order you wish to follow up on.
                                            Next to your order, click TrackTrack any Package.
                                            Items delivered by Amazon Marketplace sellers can be traced, but only if the seller has supplied their tracking information with Amazon and you have chosen a traceable delivery method.

                                            How to track your proactive order?

                                            Enter your Proactiv Trucking Tracking number to quickly track and trace your Proactiv Plus Courier, Package, Parcel, and Shipping Status, and get an exact date.

                                            How to track bills of lading?

                                            The present location of the container may be tracked at any moment. You must provide the container number/Bill of lading/Booking number and the shipping line to track a container’s position. However, you can monitor a container and see using any of these three references.

                                            Q: What is shipment tracking software?

                                            Shipment tracking software is a tool used to track the shipment status of packages or products in real-time throughout the delivery process.

                                            Q: What are the benefits of using shipment tracking software?

                                            Shipment tracking software offers many benefits, including increased visibility and transparency into the shipping process, improved customer experience, reduced delivery times, and the ability to proactively address any delivery issues.

                                            Q: What types of businesses can benefit from using shipment tracking software?

                                            Any business that ships products to customers or receives shipments from suppliers can benefit from using shipment tracking software. This includes e-commerce retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors.

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